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Posted on 06 December 2023

Success Story: Aruun Thavabalan

​"The GCC programme was a passport for me to be recognised by employers, equipping me with the skills and knowledge to be a competitive candidate. It demonstrated my ability to pivot from bioengineering to software engineering."

Aruun Thavabalan was pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Bioengineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) when he discovered his interest in tech stack skills during an undergraduate placement in an IT department. 

Aruun knew that his non-tech education background might make it hard to be accepted by tech industry employers, but he was determined to succeed. He decided to build on his strong foundation in maths and science through certifications to become more attractive to employers in the tech industry.

Through NTU's Career Office, Aruun learned about the Google Career Certificate scholarships available to local students and he soon completed the Google Data Analytics Certificate. He was pleasantly surprised by the programme’s curriculum designed by field experts at Google, which offered practical assignments based on real-world data and problem-solving scenarios. This bolstered Aruun’s confidence, allowing him to envision how his newfound knowledge could be applied to a tech role. 

Balancing deadlines alongside final-year projects, Aruun was motivated by his ambition of pursuing a  career in the tech industry. 

During his job search, he was able to demonstrate to employers a solid foundation in data analytics and secured a role as a Software Engineer at Infosys Compaz Pte Ltd. His proficiency in SQL, which he picked up in the Google Data Analytics Certificate, enabled him to confidently navigate his first project at the company.

Looking back, he credits the Google Career Certificate as one of the best decisions he made in his final year at NTU. Aruun’s advice to those considering upskilling: It is easy to get discouraged when you are learning something new, but stay motivated by setting goals for yourself and celebrating your accomplishments. 

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