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Posted on 22 April 2024

Success Story: Muhammad Nashiruddin Zaiuddin

A Chemical Engineering Diploma holder, Nash, started his career in the healthcare industry, working as a Patient Service Associate Executive in the Admissions Department at SGH.  His role required him to collaborate with various stakeholders to streamline processes such as patient admission and discharge.  Nash enjoyed the positive impact he made on patients’ experience but felt he wanted to open up a wider set of choices for his future. Instead of settling for the status quo, he decided to pursue another career path at the age of 30.

He invested in developing his skills, earning a second diploma in IT, and entered the world of tech support. He applied his new expertise by working at an IT helpdesk, supporting polytechnic teachers and students with any technical issues they had.  Through his role, his spark and passion to learn more about IT grew. 

On the lookout to build his knowledge and skill set, Nash came across the Google Skills Ignition programme, which resonated with his growing interest in cloud architecture. His IT diploma enabled him to meet the entry requirements, and he secured a spot, feeling open-minded and ready to dive in.

Having mastered the foundations of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) during the first three months of classroom training, Nash passed his exam in the industry-recognised Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification. He then moved into the nine-month on-the-job training programme and joined a team at Google.  He tackled challenging projects, integrating applications for customers using a hybrid cloud, and supporting a Cloud Innovation Project. He built demos using his new GCP skills and confidently presented them.

The journey had its challenges but he wasn't afraid to ask for help, learn from setbacks, and bridge the gap between his past and present skills. His supportive network – peers, colleagues, and Google resources – enabled him to succeed.

Nash's dedication paid off when a recruiter from Changi Airport Group spotted his potential and encouraged him to apply for a role. Gaining support in polishing his CV through the workshops provided during the traineeship, Nash landed the job as a cloud engineer.  His new role utilised another cloud platform but he found it easy to transfer his technical skills, and the soft skills he had developed during the traineeship - being resourceful, seeking solutions independently, and effectively asking for help - proved instrumental in his success in his new role. 

For anyone considering to pivot careers, Nash’s advice would be:

"Don't think it’s going to be easy - I had to ask for help many times and do my research. But if you can learn from your mistakes and have an open mind, you can change your career path!" 

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